The Vicars of St. Swithun's from 1220


Incumbents of St. Swithun’s from 1220

Soon after the Priory of St. Pancras was established at Lewes; in 1078 Alured who was “pincerna” or Cup bearer to Robert the first Count of Mortain, gave the church of East Grinstead, and half a hide of land belonging to it at Imberhorne, towards the support of Lewes Priory. This is the first mention of such a building in East Grinstead. This grant was confirmed by William Count of Moretain, half-brother to William the Conqueror, by a charter circa 1108.

In 1352 the living was exchanged by the Prior and Convent of Lewes for the church at Burton, but the living continued in the gift of the Prior until 1554, when Anne of Cleves held the living. She lived for a time at Lewes and had been divorced by Henry VIII in 1540; the right of presentation probably being given to her at the time of the confiscation of ecclesiastic property in 1545. She died in 1557 and the privilege of presentation passed to various branches of the Sackville family of Knowle.

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