John Mason Neale window and articles

John Mason Neale Window

on the North wall, the Oxford Movement window shows John Mason Neale and 4 friends. John Mason Neale is the central figure.He was Warden of Sackville College (across the churchyard) from 1846 to 1866.

He wrote many hymns and carols there including 'Good king Wenceslas'.

He is buried in the Churchyard, close to  Sackville College, where he was  Warden from 1846-66, arriving aged 28, with his wife and 2 small children (they had 3 more).

He was connected with the Oxford Movement, which sought a revival of  “the

beauty of holiness” in the Church of England.

Low Church people were suspicious of John Mason Neale, especially in East Grinstead, with its 3 Protestants Martyrs in Mary Tudor's reign.

Click on the above photograph of the window to read an article on the Oxford movement and click on the picture of John Mason Neil for an article about him both written by the Parish Archivist Caroline Metcalfe:

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