Listen to Stephen Fallowell's Play on the Radio

Listen to Stephen's play broadcast during Uckfield's Festival Radio Plays 2016

Here is another interesting play written by our own Stephen Fallowell and broadcast on Uckfield FM as part of this year's Uckfield festival.

Just click on the following link to listen to the play.

It will be a most interesting 12 minutes  to hear during your coffee break.

The “Uckfield Radio Players” (TURP) are proud to present their fourth season of radio plays, all of which have a film/cinema theme to coincide with the 100 Year Anniversary celebrations of the Uckfield Picture House and the Uckfield Festival.





Listen to Stephen's play broadcast during 2015


Uckfield Festival Radio Plays 2015

Here is the world premier of a clever little piece entitled “The Saxon Conquests”, written by our own Mr.Stephen Fallowell. This play has, as you are about to discover, significant local relevance! Just click on the following link and listen to the play on the Uckfield FM website:


The Uckfield Festival

During this year’s Uckfield Festival they are going to be trying something a little different, something which they don’t believe any other local community radio station has attempted to do in quite the same way.

They invited a number of people to submit to them a selection of short 5 -15 minute radio plays, which a group of local amateur and professional actors then got together to record at their Uckfield FM studios.

They have been delighted at the response, with plays of all kinds being sent in by all sorts of people. These mini-plays are currently being edited and prepared for broadcast at 1.30pm each weekday during the Festival, that’s between Friday 10th and Friday 17th July. So be sure to listen out for them.

As this was rather new territory for them to embark on, they thought they might have a go at producing one, longer play to “cut their teeth on”, prior to producing the mini-plays for the Festival itself. This was a lot of fun for them to do, but probably even more ambitious than the shorter ones they’ve subsequently gone on to record.











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