Stewardship Corner


Giving at St. Swithun's


Why do we give?

First of all, it is a natural response to our experience of the love of God.

Second, as an expression of our commitment to the community of His church to which we belong

Third, because it enables the work of the Church which serves our community and the wider mission of the love of God. Without our financial support, this cannot continue.


On Sunday April 2nd 2017 we will consider carefully our giving.


70% of St Swithuns income is from voluntary giving, and the associated tax rebates. We must nurture and grow our commitment to supporting its work financially so that the church will have a future.

The last regular giving appeal was in 2014. Since 2012 we have lost 24% of our regular givers due to deaths and moves.

We are asking all givers to review their commitments, and encouraging new regular giving from those who are not in the habit, or who are new to our community.

Please explore these pages to understand how St Swithuns is financed, to think about your own giving, and to make your own giving pledge ready for Sunday April 2nd.

1. What we spend and how we finance it

2.What the Bible says about giving

3. What can I afford to give?

4.Options for regular living

5. Giving by legacy

6. My Pledge