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February News

Look who's joined the party!

Expert Pancake Maker and former star of the Great British Bake Off, Benjamina Ebuehi has joined the Big Pancake Party! Here's why she got involved,

I worked as a teaching assistant before I was on Bake Off and I saw kids arriving at school hungry every day. For some of these kids, their free school dinner was the only meal they’d eat that day. It was very disheartening to see. 

“I wanted to get involved with the Big Pancake Party because I don’t want to see kids going to school hungry and what better way to use my love of pancakes?”

If you want to join Benjamina and hundreds of others that are stepping up to make a difference to those going hungry in England, then you can register for your fundraising pack today - with two weeks to go, now is the perfect time!

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Let’s get together: How activity groups help to build resilience and well-being

This new piece of research looks at how the social connections that we have impact our health and well-being. The findings reinforce what we already know about the significance of inter-personal relationships for people’s wellbeing and flourishing, and points to the importance of churches and other groups continuing to provide opportunities for people to connect with others, and to create spaces where people can feel that they belong.

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Free Lent Course 2017

Whether or not you're taking part in the Big Pancake Party, our Lent Course is a fantastic opportunity for you to tackle the issue of food.

The Lent Course allows you to reevaluate your relationship with food, one of the most fundamental relationships we have with the world around us. The course is ideal for groups of all sizes and for individuals.

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A Story of Good News

Paul's story is an insight into the way your Big Pancake Party could help change lives. Paul was an addict, in and out of jail for twenty years. He eventually found himself with no money and estranged from his family. He came to the foodbank once, never expecting to return. Now he's clean, rebuilding relationships with his family, volunteering at the foodbank, and attending church. 

This is Paul's story in his own words >>

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