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Dear John,

Many of you will remember that last June Jo Cox MP was tragically murdered in her constituency in Yorkshire. Jo Cox lived her life sharing her belief that we have more in common than divides us; her life as a public servant was dedicated to uniting communities and standing up for vulnerable people like refugees and Asylum Seekers.

At Church Urban Fund we have been successfully uniting communities and celebrating diversity in our country for a number of years through the Near Neighbours programme. This is a programme that has brought together over a million people with the belief that diversity in our country makes us stronger.

Together with Brendan Cox, the Jo Cox Foundation, and Archbishop Justin, we are encouraging people to host a Great Get Together with Near Neighbours over the anniversary weekend of 16-18 June.

The event can be anything that suits you and your community – a BBQ, a garden party, a sports day or picnic – the point is to meet with others and celebrate that we share more in common than divides us.

We know as Christians that Jo was right when she said that we have more in common than divides us; there is a fundamental humanity in all of us as made in the image of God. The Great Get Together with Near Neighbours is a chance to celebrate with those around us in our communities, both in recognition of what we all share and of the blessing that diversity is to our country.

The key dates are 16th – 18th June for school, church or community events.

If you wish to celebrate the Great Get Together with Near Neighbours as a part of your church activities this June, please register your church here.

With every blessing,

Canon Paul Hackwood 
Executive Director, Church Urban Fund

'“The Great Get Together is an excellent opportunity for all of us to strengthen the ties that bind us – as local communities and as a country – and to practice our values of hospitality, welcome and generosity, which are a gift that the followers of Jesus Christ can model for the benefit of our wider society.

The Great Get Together is a fitting tribute to the life and legacy of Jo Cox MP, her public service and her commitment to the inclusion and flourishing of all people in society.

So I encourage you wholeheartedly to host a Great Get Together in your community and to do so in partnership with Near Neighbours, whose inspiring work has enabled local communities across the country to work and live together effectively.”

- Archbishop Justin Welby


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